Here's How Mobile Benches Are Reshaping The Cannabis Industry

As cannabis growers try to improve efficiencies in their cultivation space, many are looking toward new technology to optimize their operation and boost profits. Facilities in the United States have grown in size and production scale, and because of this, growers have been borrowing potentially helpful techniques from other horticulture industries around the world.

Why the global cannabis industry needs blockchain for more effective quality control

Over the past few years, cannabis has been increasingly accepted into the mainstream as an effective therapy that can produce fewer side effects than other prescription drugs in many patients. This acceptance is reflected in the rapid evolution in legislation surrounding cannabis around the world.

However, due to current regulations, pharmacies in Canada are limited to dispensing medical cannabis via online channels. On a larger scale, even other countries where cannabis has been legalized for therapeutic purposes may be limited in their methods of legally distributing the drug.

US Spent $1.49B On Cannabis Research from 2000-2018

The United States spent $1.49 billion on cannabis research between 2000 and 2018. Most of the funds were directed at understanding the potential harms of cannabis use.

The United States spent $1.49 billion on cannabis funding from 2000-2018, according to a Science report. The majority of the funds were spent on understanding potential harms from cannabis use.

FDA Hiring CBD Testing Contractor

The FDA announced it is hiring a third-party contractor to test CBD “and related cannabinoids” for the agency.

The Food and Drug Administration has posted notice for a contractor to test CBD “and related cannabinoids.” The announcement comes less than a month after the agency called for public comments on its guidance for cannabis-derived pharmaceutical research.

A Conundrum for Cannabis Clinical Trials


The perfect catch-22? The current legal status of cannabis prevents the clinical trials necessary to meet lawmakers' demands for more research.

Always the topic of great debate, cannabis science needs firmer foundations to be able to boldly uphold its value. Conflicting studies and claims have flown around for decades, but a different picture arises when consistent standards are applied. 

New Federal Initiative Promises Better Quality Control in Cannabis Testing


Achieving consistent, quality products means testing in a consistent manner. Consistency starts with regulation.

Most legitimate cannabis and hemp companies form relationships with third-party testing laboratories. Independent chemists test their products for cannabinoid content, terpene content, and contamination levels, and the data collected is made available to retailers and consumers.

How Is Technology Shaping The Cannabis Industry For The Future

The cannabis industry is growing rapidly with every passing year, and investors are also taking notice of it. With the development of new technology, this industry is becoming better than ever.

Innovations are taking place constantly that you can notice whether you use cannabis for medical purposes or recreational purposes. The trend is likely to continue this way, thanks to the less strict policies now.

This allows enthusiasts to try new things with the help of new technology.