Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis: Which Is the Future?

Both cannabis markets are drawing attention. How are these two companies approaching these segments?

The potential of medical marijuana is widely known, not only in Canada and the U.S., but also globally. Many patients find that medical cannabis has helped them with certain health issues where conventional medicine has failed, including chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), Crohn's disease, and anxiety.

What’s the best minimum legal age for cannabis?

Minimum legal age varies for all kinds of grownup things. Alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis can be 18, 19 or 21, depending on state, province or territory.

Learning to drive is between 14 and 16, with agricultural states tending to allow driving at a younger age. The age of consent is 16 in most US states and throughout Canada. At 18, you can vote and even run for political office in both countries.

Cannabis Drinks Are Projected To Make $2 Billion This Year

More and more people want their drinks cannabis-infused. That's one message entrepreneurs are finding easy to swallow.

The year 2020 may go down as the worst in memory, but not for cannabis beverage manufacturers.

According to a report by Prohibition Partners, the global cannabis drinks market will be worth $1.82 billion by the end of the year. That number is driven by consumers looking for cost-friendly relief from the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Why are so many obeying their thirst?

Best cannabis strains of summer 2020

Let’s be fair—whatever is in your bowl right now is the Strain of the Summer, for you. Cannabis is so personal.

But beyond you doing you, there are definite, massive trends abloom in cannabis flower culture. We can see Runtz grown by the acre for the early summer light-dep harvest. We have search data on Glues, and sales data on Cakes and Cookies that backs up what expert growers and dispensary buyers in the field say is happening. And we have our own subject matter experts staying close to the plant—donning PPE to shop in legal stores and walk the weed beat for our readers.

Cannabis Edible Leaders On The Sector's Future: 'Very Convenient To Consume'

Backed by shifting customer preferences during the COVID-19 pandemic, cannabis edibles are eating into the market share of other weed format.s 

Now, the industry is left wondering if growing edible interest is a passing trend or a sustainable market shift.

Recent Edible Market Trends: Liz Connors, director of analytics for data intelligence company Headset said that consumers want a consistent, reliable product overall. 

"Brands that deliver a consistent experience will do well," she said.

The quarantine gardening boom extends to homegrown cannabis

When the film industry shut down productions in New York, cameraman Glenn Kaplan headed straight to his home in Vermont and got started with his new hobby. He had never had a garden before, but he now has vegetables and herbs growing in an outdoor raised bed, and four cannabis plants in a four-by-four foot tent in his house’s workroom.